A Business Development Program
for Hydronic Professionals

Sales Consulting • Marketing Tools • Education

• Referrals

Once you are a certified Hydro-Master, Slant/Fin will provide sales opportunities. Being listed on the Locator section of the Slant/Fin website, homeowners will be able to find you when searching in their area. Our Locator has gotten an average of over 3,000 hits per month.

• Sales Tools

Slant/Fin gives program members the tools they need to be successful selling and installing Slant/Fin baseboard and boilers, including:

  • Online videos
  • Top notch technical support
  • Hydronic Explorer App
  • Hi-Tech training at our factory or your location

• Warranty Program

Slant/Fin’s extensive warranty program provides extra support to assist contractors in helping homeowners.

• Promo Calendar

All contractors that join the certification program will receive a Promo Calendar.

• Digital Resources

Our exciting new website features complete product information, collateral materials, and even helpful videos. Visit our Blog frequently at www.slantfinhydronews.com for the latest industry news.

• Advertising Support

All contractors that enroll in the certification program will receive a Hydro-Master patch, truck decal, and Slant/Fin’s support with ad design to help promote your business. Certified Hydro-Masters will also receive on-line marketing support with our Google Ad Network program. All Hydro-Masters can earn co-op dollars to be applied to print, tv, radio, or online advertising.

• Website Locator Listing

When certified, HydroMasters will be added to our website Locator to help homeowners find a contractor in their area. This supplies you with valuable referrals. Our contractor Locator has gotten an average of over 3,000 hits per month.

• Training

An extensive array of educational opportunities are available, including plant tours, demo days, and even customized one-on-one Slant/Fin training.

• Online Resources

Visit our website and YouTube channel to access our video library. You’ll find quick product demos to help highlight the benefits of Slant/Fin products to your customer base. You'll also receive continuous updates on new product releases and sales promotions via our e-mail newsletters.

• Heat Loss Calculator and Product Selection Guide

Slant/Fin’s new Heat Loss Calculator iPhone App (available summer 2012) comes complete with a Product Selection Guide. As a certified Hydro-Master, you can earn a free iPad pre-loaded with the new App and Selection Guide.

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